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About extratwopercentRECORDS here + album Case Study here. 

Project Overview

  • While the contact card itself is branded as extratwopercentRECORDS, the label granted its up & coming artists Swoosh God, Nessly, and Odalys access to the number to help build its initial Member base
  • The artists encouraged fans to text the # directly through their own social posts and bios
  • Each artist also had their own unique emoji, allowing fans to easily opt in to Communities for updates from specific artists

  • Merch Drop
    Upon joining, Members were first rewarded by the artists who texted preview snippets of their songs, followed by wider teasers and CTAs about the album and its surrounding merch dropCloser to release, the label leaked the password to their online merch store, a full spread of merch prominently featuring the phone number, through text

  • Limited Sneaker Release
    In the days leading up to this leak, extratwopercentRECORDS also teased a giveaway to Members of an exclusive Nike Air Force 1, limited to 30 pairsMembers were sent a graphic with the sneakers that included the #, along with the text “Post this image (make sure the number is showing), tag @extratwopercentrecords + your size” leading to a multitude of Story mentions, driving a spike in number visibility and Member growth

  • Merch / In-Album Integration
    extratwopercentRECORDS included their number prominently on all of their merchThe introduction to the album is even the number’s voicemail, a recording of Nessly picking up the phone and saying “I can’t hear you, just text me and I’ll hit you back.”